2018 ACO Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Results

At the end of September, CMS released the 2018 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) results which ranks the savings and quality performance of participating Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Before diving into the numbers a reminder about the difference between “generated savings” and “earned savings”.

Generated savings are the total savings achieved by ACOs overall which is important particularly for CMS because Medicare technically did not have to spend those funds.

Earned savings are the hard dollars an organization receives from Medicare based on two variables: the amount of risk they take on and their performance both relative to the benchmark savings rate set by Medicare and their performance on quality measures.

How Much did ACOs Save?

Overall, ACOs saved Medicare $739M after accounting for shared savings and loss repayments. Those savings were generated by 548 ACOs serving over 10 million Medicare beneficiaries.

  • A total of 202 ACOs (37%) earned shared savings, funds ACOs are able to reinvest into their ACO’s infrastructure, providers, care teams, or other organizational priorities.
  • Digging in a little deeper we see that those ACOs that participated in a downside risk track reduced average spending more aggressively–$96/beneficiary compared to $68/beneficiary for those without downside risk.
  • Physician-led ACOs reduced spending on average by $180/beneficiary compared to hospital-led ACOs which reduced spending on average by $27/beneficiary.

PatientPing’s national network of ACOs contributed more than $430M in generated savings and over $205M of earned savings.

  • Of note, PatientPing’s ACO customers represent two of the top five (40%) and fourteen of the top 50 (28%) ranked ACOs that earned savings.

The following table compares PatientPing’s customers’ contribution to the 2017 & 2018 MSSP report.

Not to Mention…

PatientPing’s ACO customers’ average quality score was an impressive 93% outperforming most other ACOs. PatientPing congratulates its Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO customers for these results and recognizes their commitment to providing better-coordinated care.

With the PatientPing platform, ACOs, other providers such as hospitals, post-acute, and community providers, as well as payers are able to collaborate on patient care throughout the entire healthcare continuum– increasing engagement among acute, post-acute, and ambulatory providers as well as across entire provider networks.

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