5 Benefits Health Plans are Seeing

with PatientPing’s COVID-19 Flag

To help support the provider community amidst these challenging and trying times, we’ve added a COVID-19 flag to our product. Providers across health plans, EDs, ERs, hospitals, post-acutes, ACOs, and more can now flag potential COVID-19 patients, in real-time, on all patients care encounters across the continuum.

Additionally, providers will be able to set up real-time text or email alerts on potential COVID-19 care events. With these real-time insights and notifications, care teams can better collaborate with one another on how to best prepare for, treat, allocate resources towards, and deliver care to COVID-19 patients.

“The flag will certainly help us quickly identify patients and work with our internal screening process.”

– PatientPing Community Member

“We are in some stressful times but it is good to know we are all working together for our patients. I am very happy to see this new Ping COVID-19 Flag and will work on getting it put together for our groups. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!”
– PatientPing Community Member

Benefits Health Plans are Seeing:

  1. Receive timely notifications and alert care management teams on COVID-19 member presentations, admissions, discharges or transfers

  2. Triage care management resources for COVID-19 member outreach

  3. Update community partners in real-time on COVID-19 member events and transfers from acute to post-acute settings

  4. Know upstream about member hospital presentations (COVID-19 and non-COVID-19) to understand and prepare for community transitions

  5. Understand overall health of attributed member lives faster than testing capacity currently allows for

We hope that we can continue to provide support to our provider community, and those working to keep patients safe during these times. If you’re interested in learning more about how PatientPing can help support your organization, request a demo.

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