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A Look Ahead at HIMSS 2021: How Appriss Health and PatientPing are Working Together to Drive Change Through Improved Care Coordination

Connecting Everyone, Everywhere

The HIMSS21 Global Healthcare Conference has selected “Be the Change” as the theme for this year’s event. While this theme can be tied to nearly any industry in 2021, it rings especially true for the health information and technology market. The way we access healthcare is changing, which is thanks in large part to technological advancements. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend, making it more acceptable for people to seek convenient, affordable care beyond traditional hospital walls, which has extended the physical and geographic boundaries of clinical capacity.

Despite the promise of more accessible care, the healthcare industry’s disjointed and siloed infrastructure makes it difficult for people, providers, and social service organizations to connect those in crisis with the care and resources they need. This lack of care coordination is often felt among the high-risk and the most vulnerable subsets of patients, those who suffer from chronic conditions, comorbidities, or mental illness.

To rectify this disconnect, Appriss Health and PatientPing have joined forces, uniting for the betterment of public health to implement a technology infrastructure that closes the gaps in healthcare. The fit is obvious. Appriss Health connects 52 of the 54 prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) in the U.S., integrates clinical decision support tools into the workflows of more than 500 electronic health records and pharmacy management systems, and manages the OpenBeds behavioral health capacity management and referral solution in eight states and counting. PatientPing offers a care collaboration platform that connects providers with one another and with near real-time data to coordinate care and collaborate on shared patients through a comprehensive suite of solutions. The company’s network includes health systems, hospitals, health plans, post-acute facilities, and other providers.

Together we now serve one of the largest, most diverse care collaboration networks in the country, including 2,500 hospitals, 7,800 post-acute facilities, 25,000 pharmacies, and 43 state governments. Our goal of improved sharing of technology, data, and analytics about patients’ care encounters across providers through interoperable care collaboration and analytics solutions can positively impact the patient’s whole care experience, both physically and behaviorally.

As we move forward with our plans for HIMSS21, we’ve put together a snapshot of the key products you will see showcased at our booth. Our solutions span whole-person care related to prescription drug monitoring, behavioral health, and acute and post-acute care event, and include:

  • PMP Gateway – Integrates prescription drug monitoring data into clinical workflows
  • PMP AWARxE – Provides states with compliant, real-time PDMP data
  • NarxCare – Helps prescribers make dispensation decisions
  • OpenBeds® – Enables rapid referrals to appropriate behavioral health treatment
  • Critical Resource Tracker – Automates tracking of critical healthcare resources
  • Pings – Notifies physicians when their patients receive care
  • Stories – Delivers relevant patient context in clinical workflows
  • Callouts – Allows for sharing of important patient context
  • Spotlights – Measures performance that healthcare organizations care most about

As these solutions highlight, together Appriss Health and PatientPing can:

  • dramatically improve operations by connecting the disconnected, so that important data gaps are filled and relevant analytics are presented;
  • help reduce costs, particularly for high-risk patients, by providing a more complete picture of their history, so that providers can make more informed decisions;
  • and improve care by helping providers stay informed, so that every provider has a more complete picture of every patient.

The result is greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved outcomes for true whole-person care.

Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead, as we further build out our shared mission and solutions to drive change through improved care coordination. For additional information on Appriss Health and PatientPing, visit us at HIMSS booth #4949.