4 Benefits Post-Acute Facilities are

Seeing with PatientPing’s COVID-19 Flag

To help support the provider community amidst these challenging and trying times, we’ve added a COVID-19 flag to our product. Providers across EDs, ERs, hospitals, post-acutes, health plans, ACOs and more can now flag potential COVID-19 patients, in real time, on all patients care encounters across the continuum.

Additionally, providers will be able to set up real-time text or email alerts on potential COVID-19 care events. With these real-time insights and notifications, care teams can better collaborate with one another on how to best prepare for, treat, allocate resources towards, and deliver care to COVID-19 patients.

“The flag will certainly help us quickly identify patients and work with our internal screening process.”

– PatientPing community member

“We are in some stressful times but it is good to know we are all working together for our patients. I am very happy to see this new Ping COVID-19 Flag and will work on getting it put together for our groups. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!”
– PatientPing community member

Benefits of the COVID-19 Flag for Providers:

  1. Appropriate resource allocation: Care managers can appropriately allocate resources towards (oxygen tanks, ventilators, etc.) COVID-19 patients entering their facilities
  2. Adhere to quarantine protocols: SNF and HHA care managers can adhere to quarantine protocols more quickly than currently allowed for, and follow up with staff and patients who may have come in contact with patients who have tested positive for COVID-19
  3. Quick Identification: Care teams can identify non-COVID related presentations to work with case management teams to transition those patients to the community sooner, opening up hospital beds for higher-risk populations
  4. Prepare Sooner: SNF admission and clinical teams can be alerted sooner on COVID-19 patients being admitted to their facility to prepare for appropriate quarantine set up and follow all protocols

We hope that we can continue to provide support to our provider community, and those working to keep patients safe during these times. If you’re interested in learning more about how PatientPing can help support your organization, click here.