Employee Spotlight Series: Cameron Meade, Sr. Integration Project Lead

PatientPing was born out of the realization that patients get better care when their providers work together. What started as an idea at a kitchen table near Fenway Park has since evolved into a network of thousands of providers across the country coordinating care. Five years since starting, our team of 100+ employees comes together every day with the singular goal of connecting providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care. Our values–grit, rigor, ownership, authenticity and humility–unite us to persevere through the difficult and gratifying journey of improving healthcare for all.

For our latest Employee Spotlight Series, we sat down with Cameron Meade, our Sr. Integration Project Lead. Cameron joined the PatientPing team in July of 2017 and oversees the management and onboarding of customers’ Health Level-7 (HL7) data into PatientPing, as well as the ongoing maintenance of this data.

1. Tell us about what you doing before PatientPing.

In college, I ended up falling into a major called Information Science, which was a combination between computer science, psychology and sociology-type studies at Cornell University. Coming out of graduation, I knew that I wanted to work on the “human side” of technology, but wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like. I ended up working as a project manager at Epic doing implementations of their laboratory system at large hospitals. This work required traveling on-site to health systems in order to help them determine how to make this new technology easily integrate into their current workflows.

During my time at Epic, I found that I really enjoyed working with people to bring technology to life in a way that was meaningful for their organizations. However, in order to be successful in my career, I felt like I needed a stronger understanding of the reasons why health systems implement technology, the challenges they face during implementation, as well as the healthcare industry as a whole. To build this foundation, I decided to go back to school for a Masters of Science and Public Health, focused in Health Policy, at Johns Hopkins University. During my two year program, I really delved into the relationship between technology and policy in the healthcare sector, with a specific focus on how those two industries shaped each other at a health system, state, and national level.

2. How did you find out about your role and what made you want to join the PatientPing team?

Coming out of my coursework at Johns Hopkins, I was inspired to find a role at an organization that merged together the world of healthcare policy with information technology. Specifically, I was looking at startups that had policy-focused missions and visions, that were also aiming to make an impact in the healthcare space through lightweight, simple technologies. When I spoke with one of my advisors about what kind of role I hoped to land, he mentioned that he had a colleague who was a board member at an organization that checked all of the boxes (PatientPing!) and the rest was history!

When I came into PatientPing for my interview, I immediately felt the excitement and energy that resonated throughout the office. I was so excited about the prospect of joining a team where everyone was working toward a shared vision. Additionally, the Integration team and the open role was exactly at the intersection of what I was looking for–something that was people-facing and would allow me to stay actively involved on the technology side. I knew I’d be able to play a leading role in helping customers grasp an understanding of our platform, while making the process as enjoyable of an experience for them as possible.

3. What does your typical day look like?

No two days look the same! The majority of my time is spent in meetings with customers, specifically health systems and their IT departments. I work closely to help assist them through onboarding processes, and oversee the life cycle from their kickoffs with PatientPing to their actual admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) data being surfaced to our end users. This requires making sure that everyone is signed off and aligned (both internally and externally) on what this process looks like and entails, while also making sure that the data we receive on our end is usable and meaningful for the rest of our community members across the country.

Additionally, I spend a lot of time in internal meetings with my teammates on the Integration team, as well as other departments such as product, legal and engineering. The Integration team is very focused on developing a deep understanding of the data that we receive from our customers, tracking overarching trends within that data, and investigating what we can do with it at a company level. Additionally, as our company expands to new customer segments and creates new products, our team is often brought into discussions around how data will be influenced and affected.

4. What would your advice be to someone joining the PatientPing Team? 

Have a genuine curiosity about healthcare and the data that we receive from our customers. There’s so much that we’re able to learn from this data! If you have the drive to continue to dive into it, make measurable differences by adjusting your handling of the data, and have open communication and transparency around it, then you’re never going to be bored and you’re going to be successful in whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

I think this can also be applied to success in general at PatientPing. There’s so much room for growth in the area of healthcare, technology, and care coordination, which means that a genuine interest and understanding of how we can best drive our mission forward through our work at PatientPing is going to ensure that you’re happy and successful here.

5. Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I performed piano at the Kennedy Center in D.C when I was 13! I’m also a big reader, skier and obsessed with sports, particularly the University of Michigan and the Washington Capitals!

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