Employee Spotlight Series: Sarah Wigman, Northeast Market Operations Lead

PatientPing was born out of the realization that patients get better care when their providers work together. What started as an idea at a kitchen table near Fenway Park has since evolved into a network of thousands of providers across the country coordinating care. Five years since starting, our team of 100+ employees comes together every day in our Boston headquarters with the singular goal of connecting providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care. Our values–grit, rigor, ownership, authenticity and humility–unite us to persevere through the difficult and gratifying journey of improving healthcare for all.

For our latest Employee Spotlight Series, we sat down with our Northeast market operations lead, Sarah Wigman. Sarah joined PatientPing in June of 2017, and is the main point of contact for PatientPing customers located throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine.

1. Tell us about yourself! How did you get to be where you are today?

I’ll give you the whole rundown! In undergrad, I wanted to be a doctor. I had worked through all of the pre-med coursework, but upon graduation, decided that I needed some time away from the books and school. Knowing that I still wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, I spent the next four years in a lab doing research for Alzheimer’s, and built my way up from a research assistant to a manager position. During my time at the lab, I wanted to figure out what exactly it was that I wanted to do, and decided that being a doctor wasn’t the best fit. I used this time to do a lot of self-reflection, and to figure out both what I was good at in my current role, and what I enjoyed doing. I found that this was many of the organizational tasks, training of individuals, leading teams and and being the source of knowledge for others. 

I then decided to go back to school to get my masters. Knowing that I wanted to be on the business side of things, but afraid to leave healthcare, I decided on a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management and Masters of Public Health, which I received in 2017 from Boston University. I was really interested in health tech, and loved that Boston was a hub for startups in that space. I wanted to find a company whose vision and mission resonated with me and where I felt a great connection with the team–PatientPing was the natural fit!

2. What does your day-to-day look like?

It depends on which day you’re looking at!

Much of my day is spent understanding how our customers can get the most out of PatientPing both from the product itself and our company as a service. What I love most about my role is understanding customers at the deepest level of care coordination, and understanding what they need in order to more effectively provide care for their patients.

On any given day, I might work with customers on patient roster attribution, help them develop appropriate care instructions within PatientPing, or facilitate technical trainings on how to best utilize our tool.

At a higher level, I dive into workflow management for our customers to figure out how we can provide the most value to them. What’s great about this part of my role is that it not only puts me in direct contact with users, but also lets me interact with other teams. I’m always working with our product team on new features and enhancements, our growth team to determine where where we should go next in terms of expanding our network, and our G&A team to ensure that customer asks align with the mission and vision of our company. My role is very technical, operational, and strategic, which is why I love it.

3. What is your favorite work benefit?

One of my favorite benefits at PatientPing is the health and wellness offering! PatientPing provides employees with a monthly reimbursement for anything health and wellness related. This could be a gym membership, a spin class, a facial, you name it. It’s easy to get bogged down by work, so having an employer that supports healthy living is hugely important. 

And, honestly, having a team as great as the one at PatientPing is by far the best perk of them all! I couldn’t ask for a better group of people with whom I can laugh, learn, and hang out.

4. What would your advice be to someone looking to join the PatientPing team?

Be OK with change, and be flexible! We’re growing quickly, and you need to be comfortable taking on new tasks, adapting, and collaborating. Healthcare and technology are ever-changing, so rolling with whatever comes your way is key!

5. What do you like to do for fun?

I like to get my energy out after work by going to spin. I also love going on new adventures, like exploring a new town in Massachusetts and taking a walk along the coastline, or traveling to a new country. As long as I’m discovering new places and new things, I’m up for it. I’m currently most excited for my next adventure to Hawaii for my honeymoon in November!

Thanks so much, Sarah! Are you interested in joining our team? Take a look at our current open positions here.