Recap: PatientPing Midwest Community Summit

On April 5th, PatientPing hosted a Midwest Community Summit at the VisTaTech Center in Livonia, Michigan. The event brought together over 50 of our Midwest users–traveling near and far–to share care coordination best practices and talk about some of the hottest topics in healthcare.

The event kicked off with remarks from our CEO & co-founder, Jay Desai, and our Head of Operations, Neal Vachhani:

“The right incentives need to be in place in order for providers to work together to enable more coordinated care. Today is for you, our users. We consider you all the front men and women in our band, and we’re here to support you. We’re really excited to learn from each and every one of you, as this is a very important opportunity for us to be able to listen and hear what it is that we can be doing better. So today is for you.” – Jay Desai, CEO & co-founder, PatientPing

fullsizeoutput_30cFollowing the keynote, we set up for our Care Coordination Panel led by five of our customers: MedNetOne, Residential Home Health, Detroit Medical Center, Toledo Clinic and HCR ManorCare. Michele Patton from Toledo Clinic shared an anecdote about a time they received a Ping on a patient in Texas. The real-time notification allowed Toledo Clinic to collaborate with physicians in Texas to ensure that the appropriate care was provided to the patient–even from hundreds of miles away.

Panelists touched on the ever-changing healthcare landscape and some of the challenges they face as a result. General lack of collaboration and patient information-sharing across providers were among the most pressing, as well as an inability to intervene quickly when patient events occur. The panelists explained how real-time patient context and notifications have helped them navigate some of these challenges, as well as how it has impacted the quality of care that they provide.

“I can tell you from a personal perspective, the Pings really happen.” – Ewa Matuszewski, CEO, MedNetOne

“PatientPing has given us a window into where our patients are. Before, we had no idea what happened to our patients when they left us.” – Eric O’Neill, Assistant VP, HCR ManorCare

“For HHAs, now more than ever, timeliness for preventing rehospitalizations is important. PatientPing helps us with that. The sooner we can be notified of where the patients are when they change facilities, or come home early or late, the sooner we can be on their doorstep and prevent them from going back.” – Stephanie Bennett, Director of Intake and Scheduling, Residential Home Health

Following the panel, our Head of Product, Dave Rodger, presented a product update to attendees. He opened with an overview of the PatientPing mission and vision, and the importance of tying together the “Three C’s”–coverage, connections, and community–in order to achieve true care coordination. He then presented our product roadmap and exciting new features in the works for our users.

fullsizeoutput_31eA networking lunch followed, allowing attendees to connect with one another and, for many, meet in person for the first time. Afterward, we hosted three simultaneous breakout sessions for attendees: Best Practices for Admitting Facilities, Best Practices to Manage your Attributed Population, and Optimizing PatientPing: A Strategy Discussion. The sessions were meant to foster discussions around workflows, best practices, and succeeding in a value-based environment. Each session was tailored to specific organization types, and allowed for open conversation and questions.

We certainly learned a lot from our wonderful community members at this event, and we hope attendees walked away with new learnings and ideas for better care coordination.

Thanks to all of those who attended, and for helping to make our Midwest Community Summit such a success!


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