Medical Care Collaboration. Simplified.

PatientPing connects providers across organizations and facilities to
enhance care and improve patient outcomes

Powered By The Nation’s Largest Network of Admission,
Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Data

PatientPing brings together all of a patient’s providers during clinical
encounters across all care settings.

More Than 1,000 Hospitals
More Than 5,000 Pre- and Post-Acutes
0 million+
More Than 10.5m Patients Being Supported

PatientPing Helps Providers & Health Plans Thrive!

Trusted By thousands of healthcare organizations to optimize encounter efficiency,
ensure in-network care continuity, and reduce avoidable utilization.

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Improving The Care Continuum

Improved Care

Real-time data and critical patient context equips providers to make better care decisions and enhance patient experience.

Reduce Costly

Coordinated care across providers and practices lowers the total cost of care by reducing relapses & readmissions.

Transitional Care
Management (TCM)

Helps providers connect and collaborate to ensure there are no gaps in patient care.

Better Discharge

Facilitates safe, coordinated patient care post-discharge with accurate patient data across providers and care settings

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