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Care Coordination.

Sharing real-time information, via admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) events, about patients’ care encounters across providers introduces new levels of visibility for respective care teams – and helps increase care coordination as a result.

Our notifications include:

  • Relevant information about a patient’s current care encounter
  • Basic demographic details
  • Diagnoses where permissible and available
  • Information about the provider or institution sending the notification

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Powered By The Nation’s Largest Network of Admission,
Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Data

PatientPing brings together all of a patient’s providers during clinical
encounters across all care settings.

More than 1,250 hospitals
More than 7,800 post-acutes
0 million+
More than 43.2M patients supported

PatientPing Helps Providers & Health Plans Thrive!

Trusted By thousands of healthcare organizations to optimize encounter efficiency,
ensure in-network care continuity, and reduce avoidable utilization.

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PatientPing – Improving The Care Continuum


Real-time notifications whenever and wherever patients receive care


Critical patient context at
the point of care


Engaging providers during clinical encounters


Leveraging real-time
data to identify
performance trends


Seamless product launch assistance

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