Post-Acute Care

PatientPing is the nation’s leading care coordination platform that seamlessly connects providers across the entire care continuum, both inside and outside of your network, so that your post-acute organization (SNF, home health, hospice, palliative care, etc.) can more effectively manage its patient populations.

Use PatientPing to:

  • Prevent outmigration, LUPAs, PEPs, and/or revocation by receiving real-time alerts on ED presentation to proactively engage the patient and pull them back to your organization if clinically appropriate, helping increase census and continuity of care
  • Capture hospital referrals through real-time discharge notifications, ensuring timely follow up and appropriate transitions of care
  • Strengthen referral relationships with your ACO and health system partners by providing visibility into patient care transitions and notifying them when one of their patients enters your organization
  • Receive real-time notifications on patients’ care events (presentation, admission, transfer, or discharge) via SMS, email, and on the PatientPing web application

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Powered By The Nation’s Largest Network of Admission,
Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Data

PatientPing brings together all of a patient’s providers during clinical
encounters across all care settings.

More than 1,250 hospitals
More than 7,800 post-acutes
0 million+
More than 43.2M patients supported

PatientPing Helps Providers & Health Plans Thrive!

Trusted By thousands of healthcare organizations to optimize encounter efficiency,
ensure in-network care continuity, and reduce avoidable utilization.

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PatientPing – Improving The Care Continuum


Real-time notifications whenever and wherever patients receive care


Critical patient context at
the point of care


Engaging providers during clinical encounters


Leveraging real-time
data to identify
performance trends


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