Transitional Care

Patient transitions are vulnerable moments in the care continuum where timely, efficient, and safe coordination and interventions are needed. PatientPing helps your organization succeed during transitions of care by:

  • Serving up real-time notifications on hospital admissions and discharges to ensure timely follow-up and patient engagement during care transition periods
  • Showing when and where at-risk patients are receiving care in real time to help you better understand utilization trends well before claims data is available
  • Highlighting billing windows when a patient is discharged from an acute care setting so you can earn CMS reimbursements for the Transitional Care Management (TCM) program, Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, and other complex care management programs

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Powered By The Nation’s Largest Network of Admission,
Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Data

PatientPing brings together all of a patient’s providers during clinical
encounters across all care settings.

More than 1,250 hospitals
More than 7,800 post-acutes
0 million+
More than 43.2M patients supported

PatientPing Helps Providers & Health Plans Thrive!

Trusted By thousands of healthcare organizations to optimize encounter efficiency,
ensure in-network care continuity, and reduce avoidable utilization.

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PatientPing - Improving The Care Continuum


Real-time notifications whenever and wherever patients receive care


Critical patient context at
the point of care


Engaging providers during clinical encounters


Leveraging real-time
data to identify
performance trends


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