Dear PatientPing Community,
In response to the continuing spread of COVID-19, our top priority is supporting our customers on the front lines of healthcare delivery while ensuring the health of our employees.
We know many of you rely on PatientPing to coordinate care for patients, and we want to assure you that we have taken steps to ensure we continue providing you required support, while actively working to play our part in reducing community spread, including:
  1. PatientPing has load tested our infrastructure to ensure data availability, performance and user access for the PatientPing Community. All of PatientPing’s online resources and on-demand educational webinars will remain accessible to customers.
  2. We are actively working to add functionality to surface a flag in our product that searches for a combination of COVID-related diagnoses that we receive to identify patients that have (likely) been diagnosed/are being evaluated. More on this will be shared via in-app communications.
  3. PatientPing has implemented several measures to reduce community spread including mandatory Work From Home policy, banning work-related travel and conducting all internal and external meetings virtually.
We understand that these times are incredibly challenging for the healthcare provider community. Our mission at PatientPing is to connect providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care, because with better collaboration we improve healthcare delivery. We hope you and the communities of providers with whom you collaborate are able to stay safe and healthy during these times where you are needed most. We’re deeply grateful for your work and humbled by the opportunity to support it.
While this dynamic situation may require us to make further adjustments, we will continue to keep you apprised of all relevant updates. If you have any questions at all please direct them to your relationship manager or [email protected] as you usually would.
Jay Desai, Co-Founder and CEO