Employee Spotlight Series: Christina Raymond, Director of Product Design

Christina Raymond, Director of Product Design

PatientPing was born out of the realization that patients get better care when their providers work together. What started as an idea at a kitchen table near Fenway Park has since evolved into a network of thousands of providers across the country coordinating care. Five years since starting, our team of 100+ employees comes together every day with the singular goal of connecting providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care. Our values–grit, rigor, ownership, authenticity and humility–unite us to persevere through the difficult and gratifying journey of improving healthcare for all.

For our latest Employee Spotlight Series, we sat down with Christina Raymond, our Director of Product Design. Christina joined our team in March of 2018 and leads our team of designers while overseeing product UX.


  1. 1. How did you find out about your role and what made you want to join the PatientPing team?

    I found out about my role through one of our awesome recruiters! As soon as PatientPing reached out, I knew that the director role was exactly what I was looking for.

    Prior to PatientPing, I worked at a large healthcare IT company. Working in healthcare is so rewarding, and I knew that I wanted to stay in the industry. I also had a lot of experience working at larger organizations, so I was looking to make a change in both size and culture. PatientPing checked all of the boxes! I knew that I would be joining an organization that valued healthcare as much as I did, and that would allow me to take on new experiences and open me up to opportunities that I wouldn’t normally be able to at a company with thousands of employees.

    It was also important to me in the next phase of my career that I joined a product-driven company that had a great product leader. I’ve been at companies where that wasn’t necessarily the case, so the idea of coming to PatientPing and learning from Dave Rodger was a no-brainer.

  2. What does your typical day look like?

    Every day looks different; that’s the fun of it! Some days I’m focused on strategizing about product direction and doing user discovery to determine how we can best build our product to meet their needs. I’m constantly meeting with the product and engineering teams to implement product changes. Other days it can swing in the complete opposite direction and I could be working on the fine details that come with design, such as how to format a certain feature in our product. It really runs the gamut, so I’m always switching my brain from the small details to the big picture throughout my day.

  3. What do you like most about your role?

    A few things come to mind. First, I love seeing the next generation of designers coming in and helping them grow in their careers. There’s something special about taking a step back and looking at how far you’ve come, and then seeing how you can give back to others and help them succeed. We have such a special group of designers here, so seeing the amazing work that they are creating is extremely gratifying.

    Another aspect that I love about my role is more around the domain space of healthcare. There are so many parts of our healthcare system that are fundamentally broken. Being able to help is a reward in and of itself, it makes my job feel all the more meaningful.

  4. What would your advice be to someone joining the PatientPing team?

    From a product and design perspective, my biggest piece of advice to someone joining the team is that you need to have patience for the healthcare space. Healthcare is a highly regulated industry and it moves at its own pace (fax machines still exist)! Because of this, you have to be open to meeting your users in the middle, as opposed to trying to push them to a level of technology or design that won’t be practical for their needs.

    For others joining the team, you have to be OK with change and moving at a fast pace. Where healthcare may be more slower to adapt, our product and company are continuously evolving, so having a go-getter attitude is a must.

  5. Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

    I am an avid traveler! For my next adventure, I’m heading to Antarctica–my seventh continent!

    Thanks so much, Christina! For more information about PatientPing and our leadership team visit our about us page.