PatientPing Hosts Inaugural New England Community Event

As many of you know, PatientPing hosted its first-ever community event last week at the Connecticut Hospital Association offices in Wallingford, Connecticut. The event brought together nearly 100 of our health system, hospital, skilled nursing, and home health providers from all over New England to network, share best practices, and provide product development feedback. The PatientPing platform allows users to gain real-time access to critical patient data at the point of care, as well as receive notifications when their patients receive care elsewhere.

Our goal was to host a fun, engaging, and informative event that harnessed the power of true care coordination, while providing a forum for collaboration and networking among our customer base.

The Event

image_uploaded_from_ios_720-4.jpgWe started the day with an update from Dave Rodger, our VP of Product. He shared our roadmap and some exciting feature updates that will further improve how our customers can engage with our product. During this time, we used a nifty app called Poll Everywhere to obtain valuable feedback from our providers about the patients they see and how they use our platform. Participants could see responses in real time on the screen and loved that the session was interactive.

Afterwards, three of our customers, Saint Francis Health System, UMass Memorial Health Care, and Genesis HealthCare, took part in a panel to share best practices and insights into how their teams integrate PatientPing in their day-to-day workflows. One of the most meaningful anecdotes came from the team at UMass Memorial Health Care. One of their care managers had been working with a patient who exhibited drug-seeking behavior. Although the care manager had been working hard to get the patient connected to appropriate community resources, the patient presented to an Emergency Department in Connecticut attempting to obtain medications. Upon receiving a Ping on this out-of-state event, the care manager was able to intervene.


The panel also shed light on some of our customers’ success metrics. For example, Saint Francis Healthcare Partners explained how PatientPing provided them visibility into their patients’ care at skilled nursing facilities. Using the platform, they reduced 30-day readmissions by 24.7 percent, and average length of stay by 27.5 percent. The Genesis Health Care Connecticut team spoke about their success building stronger partnerships with their patients’ broader care teams and how they adjusted their workflows in real time to optimize patient education and intervention opportunities.

To cap off a great morning of learnings, we ended with a luncheon and networking component to get everyone chatting. We shared some PatientPing swag with attendees, and hopefully valuable knowledge that our customers can take back to their teams!

Thanks so much to all those who attended; we can’t wait for our next event!


Was the event a success? We’ll let these quotes speak for themselves:

image_uploaded_from_ios_720-2.jpg“We have to be standardized because there’s so much complexity in our patients’ lives.  PatientPing allows us to see what’s happening outside of our immediate lens.”
— Complex Care Management Teams, UMass Memorial Health Care

“I’m on PatientPing all the time, whenever I can be. It is such a help. PatientPing is the best thing
since sliced bread.”
— Karen Yakabowskas, LPN, Post-Acute Care Manager, St. Francis Healthcare Partners

“Most events I have attended are just people talking in circles. I left admiring PatientPing even more than when I came. I am already planning to in-service my team on more information they can get from PatientPing.”
— Patty Birch, Admissions Director, Glendale Center 


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