Identify, Monitor and Improve Care Coordination for COVID-19 Patients

COVID-19 has brought some of the most challenging and burdensome times that our healthcare system has ever seen. Healthcare organizations and their providers not only have to navigate how to care for patients already diagnosed with COVID-19 but must also anticipate the high percentage that are still expected to contract the virus. During these times, technology solutions that help to quickly identify patients with COVID-19, as well as those potentially showing symptoms, will be critical in helping organizations best prepare for, monitor, and treat these patient populations. 

To help support these initiatives and providers across the continuum, PatientPing has made advancements to our platform that will help to identify potential COVID-19 patients in real-time to help improve care coordination. Learn more about our new features and how providers can leverage them to improve care collaboration for COVID-19 patients. 

Care Coordination Software with a Real-Time COVID-19 Solution

Within our platform, providers across EDs, ERs, hospitals, post-acutes, health plans, ACOs, and more can now flag potential COVID-19 patients, in real-time, on all patient care encounters across the continuum. Additionally, providers will be able to set up real-time text and email alerts on potential COVID-19 care events to keep all internal and external stakeholders up to date on patient and staff needs. 

“The flag will certainly help us quickly identify patients and work with our internal screening process.” – PatientPing Community Member

“We are in some stressful times but it is good to know we are all working together for our patients. I am very happy to see this new PatientPing COVID-19 Flag and will work on getting it put together for our team. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!” PatientPing Community Member

How Our Solution Helps Achieve Best Practices in Care Coordination

With these real-time insights and notifications, care teams can better collaborate with one another on how to best prepare for, treat, allocate resources towards, and deliver care to this high-risk patient population. 


    • Appropriately prepare for and allocate resources (oxygen tanks, ventilators, etc.) towards incoming COVID-19 patients 
    • Quickly adhere to quarantine protocols and follow up with staff and patients who have interacted with current or recently discharged COVID-19 identified patients 
    • Identify non-COVID related presentations to work with case management teams to transition those patients to the community sooner, opening up hospital beds for higher-risk populations

Provider Organizations & ACOs: 

    • Receive timely notifications and alert care management teams on COVID-19 patient presentations, admissions, discharges or transfers 
    • Update health plans and community partners in real-time on COVID-19 member events and transfers from acute to post-acute settings
    • Know upstream about patient hospital presentations (COVID-19 and non-COVID-19) to understand and prepare for community transitions 
    • Conduct deeper assessments on potential COVID-19 patients to take proper precautions for clinicians making at-home visits 
    • Understand overall health of attributed patient lives faster than testing capacity currently allows for

Health Systems: 

    • Monitor and report on out-of-network presentation for patients with COVID-19 for population health 

And more! There is no end to how this small enhancement will change the way you care for patients.

We hope that we can continue to provide support to our provider community, and those working to keep patients safe during these times. If you’re interested in learning more about how PatientPing can help support your organization, request a demo, we look forward to working with you.