Succeed Under Bundled Payment Programs While Improving Patient Outcomes

Monitor patients belonging to bundled programs in real time and across the care continuum to improve quality of care and lower costs

Join a national community of providers working together to seamlessly coordinate patient care.

With PatientPing you can:

  • Succeed under CMS’ Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI Advanced) made effective October 1, 2018, as well as CJR, OCM, and other bundles initiatives

  • Receive real-time notifications on patients belonging to bundled programs, across all care settings, right within your existing workflows

  • Access critical patient information at the point of care, including in-and-out-of-network prior utilization history, diagnosis information, and care team information

  • Monitor post-acute care (PAC) utilization and identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary readmissions and length of stay (LOS)

  • Identify patients at risk for hospital readmissions and ensure timely interventions

  • Ensure seamless transitions from inpatient care settings to PAC facilities by creating visibility into patient events for treating providers and care team members

  • Evaluate patients’ reasons for readmissions, based on which healthcare services patients received after hospital discharges



Easily integrate PatientPing into your existing, daily workflows through:

  1. Dynamic Attribution: Identify bundled patients through pre-selected criteria to automate identification of patients

  2. Notifications: Real-time alerts for care team members via email and/or SMS

  3. EHR Integration: Leverage PatientPing into existing systems and workflows


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