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KLAS Research Recognizes PatientPing as a High Performing Emerging Healthcare IT Company

Spotlight highlights PatientPing’s ability to facilitate care coordination, reduce readmissions, and provide an exceptional customer experience

BOSTON— (November 14, 2019) — PatientPing, the nation’s leading care collaboration and e-notifications platform, is recognized as a Higher Performing Emerging Healthcare IT company in the new KLAS® Research spotlight report “Emerging Technology Spotlight 2019 – PatientPing.” PatientPing customers provided KLAS Research with overwhelmingly positive feedback on their high satisfaction with the platform, reflecting PatientPing’s ability to improve care coordination and collaboration, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs across the continuum.

The KLAS spotlight report acknowledges PatientPing’s top strengths to be customer-focused services, responsive support functionalities, and a key facilitator of care coordination to reduce readmissions. Also, PatientPing users strongly endorse the platform for their peers as the company received an 8.88 rating on a scale of 1-9.

“We work hard to fully dedicate ourselves to deeply listen and deliver for our customers. The  KLAS spotlight report is a helpful validation of our commitment to improve outcomes for our customers and the patients they serve,” said Jay Desai, CEO of PatientPing. “We’re honored to be recognized by KLAS as a high performing emerging healthcare IT company, and to continue offering enhanced solutions to help providers across the nation deliver better coordinated care.”

KLAS evaluated PatientPing on a series of features and services, including the ability to gain insights on patients whenever and wherever they receive care, improve outcomes through timely interventions, increase physician engagement across the continuum, reduce costs while improving quality of care and patient experience, and strengthen relationships with acute and post-acute provider networks.

The KLAS spotlight report  is based on interviews among leading healthcare executives and stakeholders that leverage the PatientPing platform. Interviews are conducted using a standard quantitative evaluation sharing the scores and commentary collected online, so that other providers and healthcare professionals can benefit from peer reviews.

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About PatientPing
PatientPing is a Boston-based care collaboration platform that reduces the cost of healthcare and improves patient outcomes by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care. The platform enables providers to collaborate on shared patients through a comprehensive suite of solutions and allows provider organizations, health plans, governments, individuals and the organizations supporting them to leverage this real-time data to reach their shared goals of improving the efficiency of our healthcare system. To learn more visit