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LTC ACO Selects PatientPing’s Real-Time
E-Notification System to Improve Patient Outcomes and Lower Total Cost of Care for Medicare Beneficiaries
Across the Healthcare Continuum

Enhanced Care Coordination Supports Accountable Care Organization’s
Value-Based Care Delivery Model and Population Health Management

Boston, MA — July 27, 2021 — PatientPing, an Appriss Health company and the nation’s leading care collaboration platform, today announced that LTC ACO, the first long-term care Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO dedicated to long-term care residents in the United States, has selected PatientPing to better coordinate care of its beneficiaries across its 700+ facilities spanning 33 states. Through the use of the company’s Pings e-notifications system, LTC ACO providers will receive real-time hospital admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) data notifications for more than 6,000 Medicare beneficiaries within the PatientPing network whenever they experience a medical event across PatientPing’s national network of healthcare providers. The care coordination enabled by PatientPing will enhance LTC ACO’s value-based care delivery model and population health management, resulting in improved patient outcomes and ultimately lower total cost of care across the healthcare continuum.

PatientPing will enable LTC ACO physicians and facilities to view detailed information about their beneficiaries who experience a medical event, fill in gaps in care plans and patient histories, collaborate on shared patients, and more accurately forecast and understand its patient population. It connects accountable care organizations such as LTC ACO with more than 1,250 hospitals, 7,800 post-acute care facilities, and hundreds of other healthcare organizations, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), social and human service agencies, urgent cares, and behavioral health centers, among others.

“LTC ACO is committed to advancing healthcare for residents in long-term care facilities,” said Jason Feuerman, President and Chief Executive Officer at LTC ACO. “PatientPing will be transformative for our valued physicians, nurse practitioners, and clinicians who work every day to meet the special needs of Medicare beneficiaries, which include the frail elderly, individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, depression, amputations, developmental or physical disabilities, and multiple chronic diseases. By arming our clinicians with real-time information, PatientPing will help us to improve outcomes by allowing us to coordinate care in a more timely, efficient manner across the continuum. It will also provide a reliable and effective way to forecast and understand our patient populations and increase the value of care and program participation, enabling better overall healthcare quality and efficiency.”

“Care coordination is the cornerstone of any value-based care delivery model, which is why we are so excited to partner with LTC ACO, an organization dedicated to recognizing and rewarding its physicians and long-term care facilities for improving the quality and cost of care delivered to this vulnerable subset of the Medicare population,” said Jay Desai, senior vice president of strategy and partnerships at Appriss Health and co-founder of PatientPing. “The use of the PatientPing platform will expand the view for LTC ACO clinicians, providing them with real-time notifications when medical events happen. Clinicians will be able to intervene as appropriate and realize the front-line, patient-centered benefits that care coordination provides to drive quality outcomes across the care continuum.”

LTC ACO is the first post-acute care sponsored Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the United States. LTC ACO is a subsidiary of Genesis HealthCare and began participating in the MSSP in 2016. Visit to learn more and to explore opportunities for participation.

About PatientPing, an Appriss Health Company
PatientPing is an innovative care collaboration platform that reduces the cost of healthcare and improves patient outcomes by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care. The platform enables providers to collaborate on shared patients through a comprehensive suite of solutions and allows provider organizations, health plans, governments, individuals, and the organizations supporting them to leverage real-time patient data to reach their shared goals of improving the efficiency of our healthcare system. PatientPing’s network connects over 1,250 hospitals, 7,800 post-acute care facilities, and hundreds of other providers such as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), social and human service agencies, urgent cares, and behavioral health organizations among others. PatientPing was recently acquired by Appriss Health, a leader in cloud-based care coordination software and analytics solutions. Together, the companies deliver on a shared mission of enabling better care for patients across the physical and behavioral health continuum—connecting nearly one million healthcare professionals across all 50 states and virtually all care settings to facilitate care collaboration, improve patient outcomes, and lower total cost of care. Visit to learn more.