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Maine’s Northern Light Beacon Health Partners with PatientPing to Coordinate Care for Patients Throughout the State — and Beyond

Health technology company launches in Maine through partnership with Beacon Health

BOSTON— (November 6, 2018) – PatientPing, a health technology company that connects providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care, today announced it has launched in the state of Maine through its new partnership with Northern Light Beacon Health, the population health and accountable care member of Northern Light Health, formerly known as Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS). This partnership will help the statewide healthcare system enhance care coordination for providers, care teams and patients throughout Maine.

Northern Light Health’s system includes nine hospitals with locations throughout the state, as well as ambulatory care centers, long-term care facilities, and home care and hospice agencies. With the PatientPing platform, Beacon Health’s specialized nurse care managers are able to access and share patient information, both inside and outside Northern Light Health’s system, through Pings—real-time notifications when a patient receives care—and Stories—important patient context at the point of care.

Beacon Health, one of Medicare’s original Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), continues to lead the transformation of healthcare throughout the state. A current participant in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, the ACO will benefit from PatientPing’s ability to share ADT (admit-discharge-transfer) alerts from hospitals in real time and to share critical patient information during transitions of care.

“We are excited about our new partnership with PatientPing, which represents the next step in our journey toward better supporting our people on their healthcare journey across all points of care,” said Ed Gilkey, MD, medical director of Northern Light Beacon Health. “PatientPing alerts our frontline care teams in real time as soon as a patient moves from one care setting to another. PatientPing also lets us know what is happening with our patients who receive care from other providers. As a result, we are better able to proactively coordinate care that we believe will support our patients having better outcomes.”

Jay Desai, CEO of PatientPing, explained that the company is committed to coordinating care for patients throughout the country. “We are honored to partner with Northern Light Beacon Health,” Desai said. “As the first organization to implement PatientPing in Maine, Northern Light Beacon Health will help us improve care for patients in the state, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them join our growing network of New England providers.”

PatientPing’s network includes tens of thousands of providers nationwide. PatientPing is rapidly accelerating its nationwide expansion so that any providers who share patients anywhere in the country can coordinate care with one another.

About Northern Light Beacon Health
Beacon Health is a leader in merging data analytics with clinical care. We’re here to support comprehensive and proactive care across our statewide network of provider partners, as together we move away from the fee-for-service payment model to an approach that rewards patient outcomes and engagement with a focus on quality, efficiency, and population health. Beacon Health has the demonstrated leadership, experience, and innovation needed to help navigate the waters of change. We are dedicated to helping our communities and patients live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

About PatientPing
PatientPing is a Boston-based care coordination platform that reduces the cost of healthcare by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care. The platform allows providers to collaborate on shared patients through Pings–real-time notifications when patients receive care–and Stories–important patient context at the point of care–and allows provider organizations, payers, governments, individuals and the organizations supporting them to leverage this real-time data to reach their shared goals of improving the efficiency of our healthcare system. For more information, please visit