PatientPing and CHA Announce Progress of Statewide Health Data-Sharing Initiative

Press release

Boston, MA (July 25, 2017) –  Connecticut hospitals are leading the way to better coordinate care through their partnership with PatientPing, a platform that connects multiple providers to improve care outcomes for patients. This real-time, patient-centered application allows thousands of providers to better coordinate with one another to achieve an even higher level of quality care for Connecticut patients.

“This statewide effort is all about improving patient care,” said Jennifer Jackson, CEO, Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA). “The system empowers providers to manage patient care in a way that ensures patients get the right care in the right place at the right time.”

This initiative ensures patient privacy yet gives providers real-time information about where a patient is being treated. The platform also allows providers to see the patient’s full story upon arrival at a healthcare facility, including prior visit history, care instructions from other attributed providers, and any care programs to which the patient belongs. As a patient passes through the healthcare system, this information is shared in real-time with other members of their care teams across the entire continuum—acute, ambulatory, and post-acute facilities—regardless of EMR, provider network, and even state, breaking down institutional barriers that have historically created silos between providers.

Since adopting the technology in May 2016, PatientPing has partnered with 25 Connecticut hospitals to send more than 455,000 notifications to more than 300 post-acute providers, Accountable Care Organizations, and Provider Organizations across 10 states, including neighboring states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island. CHA has named this care coordination initiative the Cross Continuum Patient Reference System, an enormous undertaking aimed at improving the health and outcomes of Connecticut patients.

“In just one year, our partnership with CHA has far surpassed our most ambitious expectations,” said Jay Desai, Co-founder & CEO, PatientPing. “Providers are delivering dramatically more seamless, high quality coordinated care in Connecticut than they did a year ago. We’re immensely proud to work hand-in-hand with an organization as innovative as CHA to improve patient care.”

PatientPing’s community includes tens of thousands of providers nationwide. In December 2016, PatientPing announced $31.6 million in funding backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Leerink Transformation Partners with continued participation from existing investors F-Prime Capital (the VC funds of FMR LLC, the parent company of Fidelity) and First Round Capital.  PatientPing is rapidly accelerating its nationwide expansion so that any two or more providers that share patients anywhere in the country can simply coordinate with one another.

About CHA
The Connecticut Hospital Association has been dedicated to serving Connecticut’s hospitals since 1919.  Through state and federal advocacy, CHA represents the interests of Connecticut’s hospitals on key healthcare issues in the areas of quality and patient safety, access and coverage, workforce, population health, health equity, and hospital reimbursement

About PatientPing
PatientPing is a Boston-based health technology company that is building a national community of engaged providers who are sharing information, coordinating care, and working together to get patients healthier faster. By joining the PatientPing community, providers get notified in real-time when their patients receive care elsewhere and are able to share care instructions with other providers. PatientPing’s national care coordination community includes physicians, nurses, case managers, and care coordinators across hospitals, emergency departments, accountable care organizations (ACOs), physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, inpatient rehabilitation centers, payers and other providers. By connecting care teams through real-time information sharing, PatientPing enables providers to deliver higher quality and more cost-effective care, improving patient outcomes and experience. For more information, please visit