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PatientPing Partners with North Carolina Hospital Association to Enable State-Wide, Real-Time Care Coordination

Network to Link NC Hospitals and Health Systems with Community Provider Partners to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Readmissions

BOSTON— (October 12, 2017) – PatientPing, a health technology company connecting providers to coordinate care, today announced a partnership with North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA) to offer state-wide, real-time patient care coordination in North Carolina. The partnership will enable providers across the continuum in North Carolina to strengthen collaborative relationships and improve patient health by more effectively guiding care protocol for at-risk patients with chronic health conditions, better utilizing appropriate community health resources, and reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and costly emergency department visits.

“As our members work to build models for value-based, patient-centered care, we recognize the need for seamless information flow among all providers, regardless of type, technology or geography,” said Steve Lawler, NCHA President. “PatientPing is a proven solution and we are pleased to partner with them to expand the network in North Carolina.”

Providers using the PatientPing tool will receive real-time notifications, or Pings, whenever and wherever their patients receive care, as well as patient stories that provide critical context such as attributed provider, visit histories and care program affiliation. By receiving real-time information about a patient’s medical history, care teams can engage and coordinate during the patient’s healthcare event, helping prevent duplication of services, reduce avoidable readmissions and ensure safer care transitions.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding the PatientPing community in the Southeast. It’s an honor to partner with NCHA to bring a patient-first, data-driven approach to optimizing care coordination for their organizations and the communities they serve,” said PatientPing CEO Jay Desai. 

PatientPing’s network includes tens of thousands of providers nationwide. PatientPing is rapidly accelerating its nationwide expansion so that any providers who share patients anywhere in the country can coordinate with one another. 

About North Carolina Hospital Association: NCHA is a statewide trade association representing more than 130 hospitals and health systems providing primary care, inpatient and outpatient care, rehabilitative services, behavioral health care and post-acute care. The association promotes improved delivery of quality and affordable health care through leadership, information, education, and advocacy in members’ interests and for public benefit.

About PatientPing: PatientPing is a Boston-based health technology company that is building a national community of engaged providers who are sharing information, coordinating care, and working together to get patients healthier faster. By joining the PatientPing community, providers get notified in real-time when their patients receive care elsewhere and are able to share care instructions with other providers.

PatientPing’s national care coordination community includes physicians, nurses, case managers, and care coordinators across hospitals, emergency departments, accountable care organizations (ACOs), physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, inpatient rehabilitation centers, payers and other providers. By connecting care teams through real-time information sharing, PatientPing enables providers to deliver higher quality and more cost-effective care, improving patient outcomes and experience. For more information, please visit