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PatientPing’s Extensive ACO Provider Network Achieves More than $120 Million in Cost Savings

The Health Technology Company’s Tens of Thousands of Forward-Thinking Providers Improve Upon the National Average for Earned Shared Savings

BOSTON— (November 16, 2017) – PatientPing, a health technology company connecting providers to coordinate care, today announced that their Accountable Care Organization (ACO) customers have achieved significant success across various shared savings models, according to national data sets from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). PatientPing works with a network of tens of thousands of providers within ACO organizations who are participating in both the Pioneer and Next Generation Models, along with the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). These ACO customers fared well compared to the national average and achieved more than $120 million in total savings for 2016.

“It is hard work to improve quality of care for the Medicare patients that ACOs are serving,” said PatientPing CEO Jay Desai. “The savings that ACOs are seeing have steadily accelerated over time. This progress is encouraging, and we’re proud to see a disproportionate amount of ACOs we support succeed.”

For the Next Generation model, 100 percent of PatientPing customers earned shared savings compared to the national average of 61 percent. Thirty one percent of MSSP ACOs experienced shared savings nationally, while PatientPing partner ACOs experienced a nearly 20 percent higher success rate. PatientPing supports their forward-thinking customers in their journeys toward improving healthcare delivery for the thousands of lives for which these ACOs are responsible.

Providers within an ACO who are using PatientPing receive real-time notifications, or Pings, whenever and wherever their patients receive care, along with patient stories that provide critical context such as attributed provider, visit histories and care program affiliation. PatientPing’s tool increases physician engagement across the full continuum of providers and strengthens relationships with acute and post-acute provider networks.

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About PatientPing: PatientPing is a Boston-based health technology company that is building a national community of engaged providers who are sharing information, coordinating care and working together to get patients healthier faster. By joining the PatientPing community, providers get notified in real-time when their patients receive care elsewhere and are able to share care instructions with other providers. PatientPing’s national care coordination community includes physicians, nurses, case managers, and care coordinators across hospitals, emergency departments, accountable care organizations (ACOs), physician practices, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, inpatient rehabilitation centers, payers and other providers. By connecting care teams through real-time information sharing, PatientPing enables providers to deliver higher quality and more cost-effective care, improving patient outcomes and experience. For more information, please visit