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WISHIN Partners with PatientPing to Advance Care Coordination Throughout Wisconsin

The partnership offers payers and providers across the state increased visibility into patient encounters outside their virtual four walls

MADISON— (June 13, 2018) – The Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN), Wisconsin’s designated entity for Health Information Exchange (HIE), is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with PatientPing, the nation’s leading care coordination platform, to improve care coordination across hundreds of hospitals, clinics, post-acute care facilities, ACOs, health plans and other community health care organizations throughout Wisconsin.

Through this partnership, participating payers and providers will benefit from access to PatientPing’s real-time patient information– “Pings” and “Stories” –to better coordinate patient care. These notifications, from 1,500 sites of care in WISHIN’s statewide network, plus thousands more in PatientPing’s national network, offer payers and providers increased visibility into patient encounters outside their virtual four walls, and even across state lines. This advancement of care coordination technology is especially valuable as providers become increasingly responsible for patient outcomes and as the federal government continues to push for increased interoperability across the care continuum.

“Our partnership with PatientPing will magnify the value of our current services,” said WISHIN CEO Joe Kachelski. “WISHIN has created a large community of engaged providers who can automatically share and access clinical records via the WISHIN Pulse community health record. Our partnership with PatientPing allows us to take the next logical step by immediately providing notifications to participants that something in their patient’s community health record has changed. This will help WISHIN deliver even more fully on its promise to ensure that those responsible for coordinating and providing care have timely access to the information they need.”

WISHIN’s partnership with PatientPing comes less than one year after Bellin Health, an integrated health care delivery system based in Green Bay, and a WISHIN client since 2014, partnered with PatientPing to collaborate on shared patients with providers outside of Bellin’s network.

“PatientPing provides us with timely insights that we have never had in the past. This ensures consistent care for our patients whether or not they receive care at our facilities,” said Christopher Elfner, Vice President of Accountable Care Strategy at Bellin Health. “They are a great partner to us, and their continued growth and success in the Midwest and around the nation further increases their value to our organization.”

PatientPing’s Midwest network also includes Mercyhealth, a regional health system with over 700 physician partners and 85 primary and specialty care locations throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

“At Mercyhealth, we are committed to providing high-quality, patient-focused care, and PatientPing has helped us do just that,” said Ladd Udy, Director of Population Health & ACO Operations at Mercyhealth. “We are excited to learn of PatientPing’s continued growth in the region through their partnership with WISHIN, as this represents a significant step forward for care coordination and improved patient outcomes.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with WISHIN to facilitate care coordination across Wisconsin, as well as the Midwest,” said PatientPing CEO Jay Desai. “This partnership will improve care for patients and we couldn’t be happier to work with WISHIN on this exciting initiative.”

The Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN) is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of widespread, secure, interoperable health information technology to patients and caregivers throughout Wisconsin. As the state-designated entity for HIE, WISHIN has created a connected network of engaged providers to promote and improve the health of individuals and communities in Wisconsin. The WISHIN Pulse community health record offers timely access to relevant information that can lead to better clinical decisions, less duplication, more effective transitions of care, and reduced administrative costs. For more information, please visit

About PatientPing
PatientPing is a Boston-based care coordination platform that reduces the cost of healthcare by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care. The platform allows providers to collaborate on shared patients through Pings–real-time notifications when patients receive care–and Stories–important patient context at the point of care–and allows provider organizations, payers, governments, individuals and the organizations supporting them to leverage this real-time data to reach their shared goals of improving the efficiency of our healthcare system. For more information, please visit